October Empties 2016

What’s spookier than looking at my rubbish?

Lots of things, probably.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O – This is the 250mL size and it took me an extremely long time to finish. I can basically pour it straight into my eyes without any burning, and it’s the only micellar water I’ve had that experience with (I’ve tried garnier, simple, nivea). It does a great job with stubborn makeup, but if I’ve had a particularly heavy day, I will follow with an oil. It is, however, expensive as hell, so if you’re not particularly sensitive, it might be worth it to go with a cheaper alternative. I keep acquiring them, so I use them to take off lipstick or face makeup, but I find that Bioderma is by far the one that goes the furthest and for me, works the best. Repurchase? They had an anniversary edition that had the 500mL and the 100mL bottles together for about $40, which I bought because this size is $32.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash – Old packaging from before they did the recent switch-up. I use this mostly to wash my hands, because it’s anti-bacterial, but I will wash myself with it if I’m breaking out on my back. I’ve had it sitting around for a while, because I don’t use it up as quickly as I go through shower gel I use on my body. Repurchase? Probably not for a while – I have so many shower gels. I went a bit wild with the next one.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel – Reviewed here. My sister and my mother are both hooked. We have a Lush Christmas shower gel going right now, and it’s nice, but it’s just not the same. Viva la pinita colada. Bring it back. Repurchase? I have two more on hold, but it’s out of stock most places. Some might still have it!

The Body Shop Calming Aloe Night Cream – Good, basic hydrating night cream. It’s not that heavy, so during winter I use it with an oil. It doesn’t irritate my skin and I like it and it works for me. Repurchase? Persistently .

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lip Butter – Peppermint chocolate. This is fine. I didn’t find it especially moisturising in the long run, but it did an ok job day to day. About the standard. Repurchase? No

Brite Organix Raspberry & Vanilla Masque for Frizzy Hair – I spoke about the mask for coloured hair in my August empties, and I flipping loved it.  Similarly, this mask is lovely. It smells like heaven. My hair felt wonderful. I’m working my way through  the range, and each packet gets me about three uses. Repurchase? Eventually, probably. I’m currently using the tea tree and mint one, which I don’t like as much.

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes – 51st verse, same as the first. Gentle, effective, lovely. Repurchase? Yes.

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Makeup Corrector Pen – I received this in a Lust Have It bag all of two months ago? It worked fine to clean up underneath wings, but that was about all, and it was near impossible to clean. It dried out after about five uses, and was more hassle than it was worth. Repurchase? Honestly, I prefer just using a pointed cotton bud dipped in micellar water.


Kleenex Anti Bacterial Wipes – Blah blah blah, they get gunk off of my hands. They do it well. Repurchase? Yes

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Wipes – A lot of people apparently love these, but I didn’t like them. They didn’t get the makeup off? They just moved it around a little bit. They were in a bellabox. Purchase? No

Target Essentials Cosmetic Pads – My favourite cotton rounds. Target is a pain to get to, but they’re cheap and they go a long way and they’re way softer than the swisspers. Repurchase? Yes

Lush Shooting Stars Soap – Thought I’d go for the Christmas collection. This smells really nice dry, but it’s kind of generic citrus when in use. I’m still going on it. Repurchase? No. I have a Halloween soap for after this and it smells so much better.

Cocofixation Facial Wipes – These didn’t do much, but they were nice smelling. Purchase? No

Fortune Cookie Soap Steam Me Up Scotty in Serenity – Good occasional treats, make my shower smell like lavender, nice for the loser with no bath who misses out on bath bombs. Repurchase? Who knows

Diptyque Philosykos EDT –  This is a very very expensive perfume that I received a sample of in my Mecca Beauty Loop box, and it smells nearly identical to one I already own. If you’re into The Body Shop’s Italian Summer Fig, they are dead on in terms of fragrance. It’s beautiful and I love it, but I don’t need it. Purchase? No, because I own three thousand perfumes and I don’t need one that is the same as one I own, no matter how much I like it.

Baimeni Hyaluronic Eye and Face Serum – Also talked about this in that August empties, and my thoughts are much the same. I didn’t like it as much the second time around, but I did still enjoy it. Purchase? Probably not.

Sephora Teint Infusion #14 – I thought I’d like this foundation, because I remember liking the YSL fusion ink. It did just tend to settle into the pores on my cheeks, which doesn’t usually happen, and it wore away pretty quickly, but I loved how it felt on my skin. Purchase? No

The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Cream – Really enjoyed the feeling of this cream, but it doesn’t give me the moisture I need and if I want a really light moisturiser I’m not going to pay that much for it. Purchase? No

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation in 0.5 – This is possibly the worst foundation I’ve ever tried on my skin. The oxidisation is wild, and it’s so cakey and unforgiving. It settled into literally everything on my face – blemishes, dryness, pores…things I had no idea were there. It wore away strangely, and dried me out, and honestly it was just a big no. Purchase? Hell no.


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