June 2016 Lust Have It – unboxing/review

Oh, Lust Have It, you coy thing. I was almost going to have two vaguely disappointing subscriptions this month, but you really pulled it out of the bag with one item in this one.

My phone storage was full and I couldn’t retake this photo SO WE’RE STUCK WITH THIS RUBBISH

I have notes! Generally, though, I’m pretty okay with this selection.


Time for the part where I stop with the brevity.

Edgy Tempting Cosmetics Eyeliner Pen (full size; RRP $15) – This is probably the worst item in the box and it’s almost entirely because they keep referring to it as an eyeliner pen when it is clearly a pencil. It’s not even pen-like in consistency – it’s a cheap-feeling, flimsy-looking pencil that goes on a bit uneven and looks like it’s in BYS packaging, and I definitely wouldn’t pay $15. I hope it applies better onto the eye, and I like that it’s grey rather than black, but this is just not great, an. Here’s a not great swatch to go with it:


Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes (full size is 25 wipes for $12.99; this is 7 wipes so it’s worth about…$2.25? Maths, guys) – Everyone and their mothers claims that these wipes are the best on the market. I always go back to the Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes, but I’ve never actually tried these, so I guess it’ll be good to get around to that. Not exciting, but technically practical.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub (full size is 125mL for $12.99; this is 15mL so approximately $1.56) – This, I’m a little more hesitant of – scrubs tend to scare me, with my skin freaking out at weird things. I’ll probably end up using this if I’m staying somewhere overnight or in hospital or something.

Sasy n Savy Peppermint n Rosemary Revive Bath n Shower Gel (full size is 250mL for $35; this is 30mL and worth about $4.20) – This is expensive for a shower gel – $35 is a hell of a lot for 250mL, so it better be good stuff. It looks like something you’d find at a hotel, and I’m not a fan of all of the ns in the name – yikes – but I will say that it smells delicious.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid (trial size 30mL RRP $13) – And with their mystery item, it’s something I actually really wanted to try. I do tend to struggle with forehead congestion from time to time and I’ve heard this stuff is really good for it, and it’s decently priced, but as a person with sensitive skin I really did want to try it first. In my experience PC sample sizes tend to last well, and while I have some weariness with the brand (more to do with their inaccessibility and the reviews, and my not really caring for some of the things Paula herself has been known to say), I’m really looking forward to this.

Not the best bag, but definitely a decent one! Let’s give it a 3/5. Mine was worth about $36, although the value on that eyeliner pencil seems kind of dubious to me. Who knows? Maybe it will be incredible.

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