Bellabox May 2016 – Unboxing/Review

I have written before about my love/hate relationship with Bellabox. As it stands, my archives are accessible here, and I’ve been receiving it since around November 2015. The past two months have left me cautiously optimistic – last month, the addition of a great mascara and a generous size of a lovely face mask had me with two thumbs up.

Let’s examine the goods, and see if that good streak continues.

Look at my tiny hands! I may be a large lady, but according to my grandmother I have the hands of a butcher.

Very rarely do I start to develop my opinion on a box based on the theme, but Eco Conscious is…not my bag. I am all for looking after our planet, and do what I can personally, but I am not hugely into the commodification of “green”ness and I have a lot of issues with marketing within the field. I deal with it a lot in my day to day life, so I’m not so keen on dealing with it here (the lack of restrictions on what can be called “natural”, the charging more for products with green marketing, etc).

On to the contents!


Jurlique Moisturising Hand Santiser (this is 50mL; 175mL retails for $20) – This is a nice enough hand sanitiser that works the same as every other nice hand sanitiser and smells strongly of lavender. It’s not drying, but that’s that. It’s a hand sanitiser and I’ll use it before I use the hand sanitiser from the most recent Fortune Cookie Soap Box.

Cocoswish Oil Pulling (Single pack; 12pack retails for $44) – I’ll try almost anything, but I’ll admit: I’m kind of too scared to try this. I’ll get around to it, but the whole idea of oil pulling kind of weirds me out. Swishing lemon flavoured gunk around my mouth for 5-15 minutes? Yikes.

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion (10mL; 100mL retails for $14) – This is “magic” lotion? It’s lotion, basically. It just feels like lotion and smells like generic herbal stuff (vaguely lavendery). It doesn’t feel particularly ultra-moisturising, and thankfully has no actual lavender oil in it, because I am notoriously sensitive to lavender on my chest. It’s lotion. It’s hard to get excited about lotion.

Karen Murrell Lipstick ($30) – Not a fan of Karen Murrell’s “nothing nasty touches my lips” motto, but I’m always happy to see a lipstick in a box. I got the colour 06, Carnation Mist, which is a very boring rosy pink with a STRONG cinnamon smell – if your lips are sensitive at all, despite the no nasty stuff idea, I would definitely stay clear. It took a couple of swipes for opacity, but it has a nice enough satin-matte finish. I’ll probably pass this on to someone who’ll get more use from it.

Rubbish lighting, boring lipstick, but probably something the average consumer would get a lot of wear from.

Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask (14g; 48g retail for $34.95) – I do love a good mask, so I’m happy with this inclusion – I haven’t used a charcoal mask on my face before, and I know they’re all the rage at the moment. I am quite sensitive, so I’ll definitely be patch testing, but it seems like it could be good for my congested areas. Who knows? There is also a bonus voucher included for $5 off a Derma E  purchase at Priceline in May/June, so if you end up curious about the range, you can go get a discount. I’m unlikely to use it, but I appreciate the gesture.

Avon Nutra Effects Radiance Day Cream SPF15 and Renewing Night Cream (shitty foil sachets; 50mL each for $15) – I don’t like Avon, I don’t like pyramid schemes, I don’t care about products being paraben free because honestly the studies for and against parabens haven’t really swayed me, and foil sachets are the devil’s work. Nah.

Damn, Bellabox. It’s harder to impress me than I thought. Last month all it took was a well placed mascara. I think, if the lipstick had been a gorgeous red or something, I might have been pulled over to being okay with this box. As it stands, eh. I’m keen to give the mask a go, the hand sanitiser will eventually get used, and I like that Bellabox put a damn lipstick in the box, but otherwise…flop. Not my theme, not my month, not for me. Hopefully Lust Have It will step it up this month, or the soon-to-come Marie Claire the parcel will blow me away, because I’m getting disillusioned and I want to go home.

Oh, Bellabox. 1/5.


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