Lipstick For Losers v.2

A long time ago, I looked at my lipstick collection and thought “someone else should benefit from this”. Yeah, that’s how I justified my absurd collection. That’s when the original lipstickforlosers was born. Clearly – and I mean CLEARLY – I didn’t give much thought to the platform. Tumblr is great for convenience, but damn, it is a horrible platform for bloggers. And yet – I was committed! I am a dedicated person. If I make that kind of commitment, I’ll keep it for far too long, and until I absolutely can’t anymore.

For better or for worse, Tumblr finally demanded I change my password through my old email address which I no longer have access to. A catalyst! So here I am. A few drafts have been lost to the abyss, so I’m immediately behind on a couple of subscription boxes that I’ll work on remedying, and I’ll probably try and move over some of my more encyclopedic swatch posts as time goes by. In the mean time, I’ll post links to some of the features that will continue to run.

  • Monthly empties will continue, because I’m a slut for using stuff up.
  • Favourites might appear sporadically. Who knows, I’m fickle.

And of course, the subscription boxes. Oy, the subscription boxes.

  • I’ve only received one Lust Have It bag, but more will come
  • Bellabox is probably my longest running subscription, and we have a love/hate relationship (one is sitting right next to me, waiting to be written about)
  • The most whimsical by far is the Fortune Cookie Soap Box (I have one I’m having to re-write after losing it in the website transfer)
  • For the fancier amongst us, Marie Claire The Parcel also comes to my mailbox quarterly

I’ve also got some other posts in the works, including a disappointing products post that I’ve been working on forever (it involves awful stock photos).


If you’ve never read my blog before, I aim for thoroughness and honesty. I’m notoriously bad at brevity, and compelled by my desire to try everything, treat myself, be the best version of myself, and do what I can.

If you have any questions for me, I am always contactable at (or for more immediate responses, you can use the ask function on the old tumblr blog and I’ll answer it over here).

that’s me, if you like faces with names



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